Alt Summit recap Part 1: Know your heart


I am switching up the order of my posts this week! I arrived home from Salt Lake City late Sunday night, I think I was the last person to leave Alt Summit. I hope I didn’t forget to turn out the lights. I wanted to go over my take aways with you. I think this might come in multi-parts.

 Garance Dore encouraged us to “talk to individuals” when writing blog posts. She also said always talk “up” to your audience. She is an honest and thoughtful blogger who took questions from the audience. She responded to a polite question on whether she thought blogging about fashion was too “on the surface.” Garance explained how she treats the reader as her best friend. (Nice for me to hear, since I  too am a lover of all girly things!) She discusses the impact of fashion and body image with her friends just like she does on her blog. In other words, know where your heart is and you will come from an authentic place. 


Erica Domesek from P.S. I Made This made a comment in her talk “Your network is your net worth.”  I have heard this before but it  really struck a chord with me. Not only have my relationships and network grown by showing up and connecting in person with peers, but I have also had the pleasure of witnessing in others.  Example: Shelagh, has attended for several years and is now ready to launch the online presence of her two retail stores. She has hooked up with fabulous designer who is building her online platform. This type of relationship building can be crucial to your business success. As much fun as ALT is (there is a fair amount glitter and confetti) it is a professional conference where you get to have conversations with brands and peers that can be enlightening.



Having dinner with Jenean Morrison and Sarah Jane Wright gave me  a serious ah-ha moment when Sarah Jane repeated my own Smart Creative Women mission back to me. It was humbling to hear that these women so clearly saw my heart and my desire to elevate the creative community. Encouraging  you to trust your instincts about what is right for you individually, is my passion. Shelving self doubt and trusting in your own path is extremely rewarding. Someone in my roundtable also expressed how vulnerable it  can be to follow your own path and show up as yourself. It was a sincere comment and I completely agree! Doubt can be like sitting in a car that has the  windows fogged up. That happens to ALL of us from time to time! It will lift, I promise! But you are so much better off taking tools and tips away from talking to your peers instead of becoming the carbon copy of your peers. You just need to trust that the fog will lift and your path will become clear to you. A focused and clear path (and mission) can make your heart pound with joy. You will create a memorable business and you will operate from a place of passion and ease.

Don’t worry now that I waxed philosophical, I WILL be sharing the tools and tips that I learned at ALT! I got some great insight from an array of speakers (Gabrielle lines up the best!)


Me, in my tulle talking to Jenna Herbut from The Make it Show. I loved reconnecting with guests that I have had on Smart Creative Women!

Photos from Justin Hackworth and Brooke Dennis can be found on this Flickr page.


  • Gretchen says:

    Love this post and what you had to say! I needed to hear those reminders. Sounds like you got a ton of inspiration from ALT, thank you for sharing. And I am seriously dying over that green tulle skirt, AMAZING!

  • Rhian Awni says:

    Thank you for this post, it really helped me think about the way I should look at my business. I am a graphic designer and illustrator and run a successful shop on Etsy. However, I still have not found my “voice” yet. I have been freelancing on Etsy for almost 5 years, yet, I have not found the courage to take sometime off to find my style. I am too afraid of making any changes! But when you said that we should believe in our selves and that “the fog will lift and your path will become clear to you”, it made me contemplate my decisions and trust my intuition better. I had my “aha” moment when I read your post 🙂 so thank you! I “liked” you on FB a while ago after I watched your interview with Sarah Jane Wright. But now, I am a big fan!

    • Monica Lee says:

      Oh! This is SO SO sweet for you to say. It means so much to me that i could share anything that would speak to your heart!

  • Aimee Broussard says:

    It was SO nice meeting you and participating in your roundtable discussion. We hear over and over again, “know who you are” but for creatives it’s so very hard to define the “you” in that equation. Your session helped me better define what is often quite clear to others, but foggy to myself. PS: That Shine Bright illustration as an iphone cover? In love.

  • McKenzie Guymon says:

    Alt was amazing! Love seeing your experience there too!

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