Mover and shaker Alma Loveland

Today I am re-airing my interview with Alma Loveland! She shared really interesting info about the success of her kickstarter this summer inside the Smart Creative Style Course.

Meet the spunky and fun, Alma Loveland! She has three different aspects to her smart creative business! *She works along side her husband in their graphic design studios, Ollibird. (Hmm, how do they do that? Who exactly takes the lead? How do they divide duties? How do they not take work home?) *She is designs apps for children at Tryangle Labs. (Awesome! How did this cool partnership come about?) * She educates YOU in all aspects of graphic design over at  Nicole’s Classes. (Need to learn a new program? Photoshop? In Design? Illustrator?) These are just some of the questions I ask her! I also found out how Mike and Alma where forced to make the leap into freelancing together. She gives details about their income streams. (I always love that part.) Be sure to keep listening as she dissects their branding which is fabulous, by the way. You have to hit all the websites…really great design on all of them! I forced her to give tips on what makes up a really good business card, one that genuinely reflects what you do. Guess I need a “talking” business card. Oh!! Check out her digital download Olliblocks here! Too cute!


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