Alma Loveland, Designer, Illustrator Guru and Pie Maker

Meet the spunky and fun, Alma Loveland! She has three different aspects to her smart creative business!

*She works along side her husband in their graphic design studios, Ollibird. (Hmm, how do they do that? Who exactly takes the lead? How do they divide duties? How do they not take work home?)

*She is designs apps for children at Tryangle Labs. (Awesome! How did this cool partnership come about?)

* She educates YOU in all aspects of graphic design over at  Nicole’s Classes. (Need to learn a new program? Photoshop? In Design? Illustrator?)

These are just some of the questions I ask her! I also found out how Mike and Alma where forced to make the leap into freelancing together. She gives details about their income streams. (I always love that part.)

Be sure to keep listening as she dissects their branding which is fabulous, by the way. You have to hit all the websites…really great design on all of them!

I forced her to give tips on what makes up a really good business card, one that genuinely reflects what you do. Guess I need a “talking” business card.

Oh!! Check out her digital download Olliblocks here! Too cute!

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  • This was one of my fave interviews! I love how Alma is picky with her projects, chooses to work smarter, not harder… while also having boundaries with her time…*awesome* tips for smart creative women! 🙂

    • Monica Lee

      I agree, there are times when we need to pick and choose!

  • Loved listening to this interview – Alma shared so many good tips and her story is very inspiring for those of us who like to do more than one specific thing 😛

  • WOW. That was amazing, Alma is amazing!! And now I am second guessing my NEW business cards LOL. Thanks again for an amazingly informative interview Monica!

    • Monica Lee

      I know!! Having to rethink it all myself!

  • Thanks, Monica! Love all your great interviews. I just took a class with Alma today on ALT Summit. She’s awesome. You both are so inspiring!

    • Monica Lee

      Oh How fun! I am so glad you liked it!!

  • I knew I’d love whatever Alma had to say before she even started speaking. I’ve loved her classes!

  • YES! Work smarter, not harder! I am trying to make a brain shift toward that.

    i do love my MOO cards, and people seem to like that they are not all the same. I’ve had people ask if they can take a few of them.

    Great interview.

  • Great interview, Monica! Your right lots of good nuggets here. I really enjoyed watching.

    • Monica Lee

      Oh! That is a tweetable! Thank you Katrina!

  • Terrific interview! I love the way Alma manages all the aspects of design she is producing…truly inspirational. Thank you!

  • Eva

    What a great interview Monica! Absolutely one of my favorites, so many great tips and I love Almas work…especially the business card, so smart!

  • Yet another super inspiring and informative interview – thank you Monica, and Alma!

  • Loved the interview, love your tutorials Alma AND I LOVE the business cards (Pie Maker – Pie Eater LOL!!!) I WISH I could work with my husband but we’re so unlike each other!

  • WOOHOO ALMA!!! I’ve taken four classes with Alma and she is the best! I still run things that I’m working on by her. She’s so available, knowledgeable, and talented. It’s great that you chose to interview her!

  • Oh my gosh! LOVED this interview. Everything was completely relate-able from the self-taught “designer” label to the working from home and on. Also some great advice about business cards at the end. Feeling very inspired and thankful this fell into my lap today!

  • Great interview!

    I so agree with everything that Alma says.
    I left exactly for the same reasons. Why would I stay if all I do is I make money for someone instead of myself…I asked myself. I was doing the whole deal:taking care of clients from the moment they entry the building to the delivery of the final design.

    hat talking biz card—awesome idea Monika! We’re getting there! There is a japanese app that sends a little perfume puff between iPhones.

    Thanks ladies!

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