Allison De Meulder from Matrick and Eve

Stationery! Invitations! Paper! There is something about it that people just don’t get tired of. Even though you may not send as much paper as much as you used to, you are thrilled when you get that invite or card in the mail. Today’s paper needs to be more special and customized than ever and  Allison from Invitation Consultants  and the newly launched Matrick and Eve sees to just that.  Allison is a great example of early adapting in business and owning what you do! As it turns out, the entire family is involved with this business! Tune and listen to how the De Meulder’s are forging their own path in the print and stationery industry. If you are at the National Stationery Show, stop by and hug her and tell her you saw her on Smart Creative Women! They are in booth #2351.

Allison has great business advice and she is starting a blog and writing book, you can follow along here. 







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