Alice Kennedy In-House designer for Timeless Treasures

Today I am talking with Alice Kennedy, a busy mom with a busy creative career. She was thrilled that both her little boys napped through the interview! The phrase, “I don’t know how she does it!” fits Alice to a T! I like how she is able to be creative even with distractions swirling around her. We also talk about Timeless Treasures Stitch Star Contest, which I recommend that you check out. The prizes for this contest are fabulous.  Whether you are a quilter or a crafter, this will be an exciting challenge for you (and who couldn’t use a couple thousand dollars, right?) Oh And I looked up the contest rules, the projects don’t have to be in until June, 1st! Plenty of time!


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  • Carole Henell

    Wow!! Am looking at fabric a whole new way after your interview!! Love the colors and the textures of the pictured fabrics–can think of a bunch of blocks that would really pop! Thanks so much for sharing!!

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