Advice to your 25 year old self

I grabbed Oprah’s magazine off the newsstand this month and got caught up in the article where she asked herself and other prominent women what advice they would give to their younger selves. I was particularly struck by  EPA administrators Lisa P. Jackson’s advice to her 25 year old self, she said

“Cherish women. Lift them up and empower them. Not all women are worth the effort, but on average, humanity does well when women do well.”

I think mine would be something like:  It is ok to shine. You are smarter and braver than you believe.

What advice would you give your younger self?

This is a picture of my mom at Hermosa Beach as a young girl. I am always struck how in my mother’s childhood photos seem so full of life and boldness. When I look at mine, from little on, I am usually shyly tucked behind someone’s else. I am finding my way though now more than ever. It is  an exciting time for me now. I think it is a bit bittersweet to give your younger self advice.

  • I am just about to turn 25 in the next month so this advice is super helpful for me! Thanks 🙂
    I would tell my 19 year old self however to be kinder to herself and not to worry about the future.

    • Monica Lee

      I was wondering if someone who was 25 would read this! Yeah you! You get to give your self advice now and actually apply it!

  • I am only 22, so I had a different perspective reading this article too! My first thought was Hey! Lucky me, I’ve got time to tell my future 25-year old self these things. I agree too, that it is bittersweet to reflect on your past self, especially on those insights you wish you knew, but how great that you can share your wisdom with us wee little ones! 😀

    I never would have known you were a shy girl! You bring such a bold enthusiasm to your interviews. As always, digging the Smart Creative content! 🙂

  • Darlene

    What an interesting topic! I try and tell my own daughters to believe more in themselves and to enjoy their life. Why don’t they seem to listen? Probably the same reason that I didn’t quite understand my Mom when she told me similar advice.
    To my 25 year old self, I would wish that whatever path I took, to be bold and joyful. Find confidence and worry less about other peoples opinions.
    Now at 54, I’m gonna follow that advice! Never too late!

  • Monica Lee

    I love this! It is never too late, you are right!!

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  • This is great! I am turning 25 in a couple of months and it feels like turning 25 is a whole new thing. It’s time when you OFFICIALLY are an adult and things count. My friend and I started a blog together to document all the ups and downs a twenty something faces. ( You’ve given us a great topic to discuss! Thanks for this post!