When I launched Smart Creative Women, I had no idea what was in store for me. All I knew was that I wanted to talk to other creative women. I wanted to find out more about the BUSINESS of creativity. I needed to grow and learn and I wanted to explore the comfort zone with my own creative business.

I started doing video interviews in 2012 with the fabulous women I had met at industry events. That’s right video! Video= (make-up lighting) and after after two years, I switched over to podcast = (jammies, unwashed hair). I was curious about what fueled these women and what they liked about working in a creative field. Did they experience solitude? Did they like it or did it hinder them? Had they hired a team yet? I wanted to know the real story behind their businesses.

I also wanted to learn from them because I knew that I was restless. Even as I worked as an illustrator in publishing and art licensing, I knew that I was not meeting up to my own potential,  and desires creatively. So I stopped everything, took down all my online portfolios and created a clean slate at SCW until I could regain my passion for my own creativity.

I began coaching other creatives, designed a style course that I felt addressed the overpopulation of the same “look and style” on blogs, businesses and portfolios in the creative community. I felt like we were losing our authentic voices in our collective desire to rush to the finish line. I personally knew from my own story and from my interviews that the finish line did not really exist and that the work of a creative person to nurture our own voices and that developing that was what really led to success in business. The course has amazed me in it’s ability to help people shine! 

As a result of designing the  Smart Creative Style course, I unearthed my own desire to express myself creatively again.  I began creating fashion sketches, doodling designs for the perfect travel handbag set (I am a former international flight attendant) and eventually launched my own brand, XO Monica Lee. I wanted to capture a chic, effortless and romantic aspect of travel and of being a girl on the go.

*I coach and speak because I genuinely believe everyone has a story to tell creatively in their own style.

*I also simply L.O.V.E  building and creating products and the brand voice (my voice) of XO, Monica Lee.

*My Fashion illustration portfolio can be found at www.MonicaLeeStudios.com, for professional inquires contact me at monica@monicaleestudios.com

That’s me in a nutshell. Ok, there’s actually a ton more but I am trying to keep it simple! take a look around the site, go through the interviews, read the articles and learn, grow and get inspired!