About Smart Creative Art

When I started Smart Creative Women in 2012 my tag line was

 Inspire. Learn. Grow. Join the conversation.

And what a conversation it has been! It started out a video interviews and moved to podcasts and there were features of creative women and inspirational articles…so many incredible people to meet and ideas to be shared. I am so honored to have met each one and to have shared a virtual cup of coffee with each listener in the process. I think in the end, I conducted over 300 recordings! 

I coached artists on how to get clairty, find their art aesthetic and we all championed each other on being brave as we put ourselves out into the world as creative humans.

What growth I experienced and ultimately what urgency I felt to create art full time once again myself. I found myself listening to the artistic process of my guests and realizing I was needed to carve out a creative way for myself.

You can follow that path, find art, prints and new blog posts over at Monica Lee-Henell. And yes, I finally even added my full name to my art which amused my husband of 14 years.

I have loved getting to know you in this special space and I realized I do I miss an aspect of our conversation, so I am posting to The Occasional Blog on my art site (I figure I may as well be honest about frequency right up front!)

 A new adventure, new growth and a new conversation awaits.

Thank you so so much for everything you have done for me!

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