About Smart Creative Art

Smart Creative Women/ Smart Creative Art is a place to get familiar with new and old artists and artisans to nourish our soul so you will be the most creative person you can possibly be. I recommend podcasts and books every first Thursday of the month.

It is a place to get inspired and excited about art, and ideas. Art in it’s many forms is meant to challenge us to do our very best work as artists. Art is also meant to get us to think, get us to breathe, to take us to a different place and hang out with the person that creative it for awhile.

Seeing and experiencing art is an exhilarating way to hang out with someone and to see the way they see for a bit. 

I hope you will join along and find some amazing people with me.

Some of them will be older artists (or masters)  that you might recognize because I firmly believe we need these people in our lives. They left a rich legacy that we can be incredibly inspired from, not just when we happen to get into a museum but in our daily lives.

Which, while I am at it…visit as museum or gallery today! Get out there and appreciate artists and artisan doing good work. Hire an artist, for Pete’s sake! Don’t recoil back from the idea or head over to some site that spins out $1 art. Artists bring their whole selves to the table and we need a society that is not just racing through their creative process but is  supplying richness to our lives.

I can only hope that Smart Creative Art will help that very thing, bringing out the best on you so you can bring out the best on others.

If you want to know more about Smart Creative Women and the podcasts that are on sabbatical, you can head over to the FAQ page.

If you want to know more about me and my art, you can head over to Monica Lee-Henell.  


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