About Me


•Born in Italy. Started very romantic outlook on life.

•Thought surely  I was Italian instead of a regular ole army brat.

•Fell in love with art in grade school against colorful backdrop of the island of Oahu.

•Can’t remember anything after that until the Internet started. I mean, really, if it isn’t documented online, are we sure it even happened?

•2006 started a blog. Wish I’d been more organized, I’d be huge right now.

•Freelanced art while trying to be an international flight attendant, mom,  step mom, wife  and new dog mom. (Needless to say, something had to go. Liked the husband and kids. Stopped being a flight attendant. Jury still out on the dog.)


•Freelanced editorial illustration. Drew for magazines. Drew for books. Drew a lot of stuff. Decided to license art. Less money but more successful? Not quite sure how that worked out.

• 2012 Hung up my art hat. Took portfolio off-line. Decided to interview other artists and creatives since oddly I missed crowded airports. Started Smart Creative Women.

•Made a lot of new friends via Skype interviews. Made even more friends via listeners.

•Coached artists. Tried not to be too bossy.

•Spoke at Alt Summit. Spoke it Lady Project Summit. Spoke at Alt Summit again.

•Wanted to put on art hat again. Didn’t like drawing style. Went on a style search. Made an e-course about it. Helped other people find their style.

•Finally admitted love for fashion out loud. Started drawing again.

• Designed and manufactured the bags I always needed for traveling.


Went to draw during London Fashion Week. Carried travel bags. Totally worked. Happy but tired camper.


•Got introspective. Stepson grew up. Son grew up. Dog got old. Husband stays alarmingly young.

•Decided to fall in love with art all over again. Started Smart Creative Art.