Abby Kiefer from Red Clay Design

Today’s interview is with Abigail Kiefer from the start up Red Clay Design. Red Clay Design reached out and said they watched the show and wanted to get together. I started researching Red Clay and this is what they have to say about their business, “Our platform simplifies product design, connecting freelance designers with iconic brands and providing tools to manage the process.” Cool!

Then I saw the word “crowd sourcing” (insert screeching halt) It’s a hot button topic for me and one I generally keep to myself.

So I got on Skype with Abby and started grilling her (in a Monica sort of way!) Abby and her team have built a high end design resource for manufacturers and they are trying their very best to respect all parties involved. Not an easy task but they are working at it with passion.  The Red Clay platform marries companies and designers AND is paying designers (starting small but hoping for it to grow) for work even if the design is not ultimately chosen!

I ask a lot of questions as skeptical novice and an unspoken defender of creatives getting paid their worth. Listen in as she explains the process and the thoughts behind what they are trying to accomplish by bringing good design to the marketplace in a more efficient manner.

Abby explains all the ideas and motivations behind this matchmaking platform. She did not shy away from any of my novice (and somewhat skeptical questions!)  Abby stepped up to bat and is tackling life and her business head on.  I so appreciate her coming on and having a discussion about manufacturing, design, freelancing, retail and how it is morphing and Red Clay Design wants to play a part in it. Watch or listen in and tell me what you think!!


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  • claudinehellmuth says:

    this was such a fabulous interview! I loved Abby’s openess about her product and the process about starting a new venture! he concept of Red Clay is so intruguing!

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