Abby Kerr on your brand, your voice and your irresistibility factor!

This is Abby Kerr , she is a brand editor. She teaches you how to rule your realm by finding your “irresistible niche” with your “right people” in your “right market place.”  Abby helps entrepreneurs up their “addictability factor.” She helps business owners craft words for themselves, their websites and their social media outlets that are crystal clear versions of their true selves. Truthfully, I think it is just plain fun to see her work. One of the plans that she offers is a Voice Profile where she analyzes how you present yourself online through the written word. I know I should be using sophisticated words to describe her like insightful, holistic and succinct (which she is) but I think she is just plain cool! When you work with her it is like having your palm read! How fun is that? She is launching a new free e-course any day now. You must opt in! I signed up for her newsletter Inklings a couple of weeks ago and received all sorts of good content already! Below is a a partial view of the Voice Profile that she was kind enough to do for me! What do you think? She got the unedited part right, haha!  Did she get the visualization right? Can you picture us walking arm in arm and then stopping for a cup of coffee and fresh flowers? Oh! I so see this and I hope you feel like you have someone who is FOR  you as grow in your creative life! (A brightly colored pea coat doesn’t hurt either!)


* Dynamic, friendly, girlfriend-ly, warm, inviting, engaging, collaborative, inclusive, creatively passionate, energetic, loose and free, playful, unscripted and sometimes unedited! 😉


* Inspiration, resources, and varying perspectives on what it means to be a creative woman working her gifts in the world

* Collaborative, inclusive, warm and supportive base for a community.




* Hostess meets Close Girlfriend You Get Together With For Coffee meets Curious

* Interviewer/Unabashed Question Asker {to loosely quote your About page ;)}

* Posing/posturing as expert-on-all-topics; being dull, flat, or cold




* Women walking shopping districts arm-in-arm, wearing pea coats in fabulous colors; weekday afternoons and Saturdays in coffee shops; bright flowers {daisies, tulips, daffodils}; highly creative and collaborative workshops, events, trainings, conferences; unstructured structure; Frank Sinatra and other crooners; classic movies on in the background while a woman works in her creative studio; creativity, cooking, and home styling magazines with gorgeous photography; kids and adults running around barefoot in the grass; brightly patterned gift wrap; independent spirits; Spring and Summer; saturated, primary colors {like what you’ve got}; color palette something that feels vaguely French {fire engine red, French Blue, and white}; friendly, approachable-looking serif fonts; gorgeous, smiling headshots with casual styling.

{THE VOICE PROFILE} Monica Lee – 4.16.12

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  • I think it is so amazing that you would profile someone where words are so important…and yet I cannot find the words to express just how powerful this presentation was/is!! Very lifechanging! I will definitely delve into this deeper because I have been really focused on my desire for business branding as opposed to personality branding and I haven’t seen much of that in art licensing. Thanks, Abby! You’ve done it again, Monica!

    • Monica Lee

      oh Karen, I am so happy this resonates with you!

    • Karen —

      Thank you for commenting & letting us know how our convo impacted you. The business/personality brand dichotomy is an interesting one. Glad to hear some good stuff was stirred up for you here!

  • Laura K Aiken

    What an art to be able to write such descriptive words. Great article, too. I look forward to reading more about Abby. Now off to see her work!

    • Thanks, Laura! Glad to know you enjoyed. 🙂

  • I enjoyed the unique information offered not only by Abby but also what Monica shared about “hiding behind my art”. You really struck a chord with me when you stated by staying home in the studio you were really hiding behind the fear of non-acceptance of your art. I realize I’ve been doing that. . .
    I find Abby’s intelligence and wise perspectives very helpful i.e. ” you teach what you want to learn” for yourself-this is so true. I plan to visit her site right now! Thanks for the interview Monica, you have one of the few blogs that I enjoy visiting on a regular basis.

    • Monica Lee

      Suzanne, This got me all sniffly! Sometimes it is scary to be so vulnerable and I told myself, no editing!! So your comment makes it worthwhile!

      • You’re so real! It’s very refreshing!

    • Thanks for watching & commenting, Suzanne. I, too, find Monica’s style to be refreshingly honest. It’d be so easy for her to hide behind her career success and play the ‘I’ve got this all figured out’ card. I love learning from people who admit to vulnerabilities.

  • Another great one, I really am going to rethink the way I market my art, thanks again Monica, wonderful interview.

  • Monica,
    Just finished having coffee with you and Abby Kerr. WOW!
    You two were a powerful combination of elegance and eloquence, and both of you a such a good representation of two smart, creative women, each with their own special voice.
    Thanks so much!

  • Vicki O’Dell

    I wondered what happened with Abby after the closing of The Blissful. Gosh, how I loved that shop and went there often.
    Thanks for the interview Monica, lots to learn from Abby.

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