A Smart Creative Makeover

The Before (I kept the dogs)

You have heard me talk about finding “My Style” and how it translated in my personal work space, now I am giving you the first set of visuals.  Above are the before shots. How about that red plaid couch?! Initially my office had yellow walls, a color I had to choose quickly one afternoon (mistake.) While I was creating art for licensing, I had to cover the couch and even had very bland art on the walls, cream curtains. I couldn’t handle all the color. Then when I started doing video a room with no color was NOT going to work. I went out and picked out accessories that were  bright, bright, BRIGHT. The palette wasn’t me.  I even started wearing bright solids so they would show up better on camera and I never wore them anywhere else.  This (before) room did not feel right.  Again, it did not feel like ME.  I knew I couldn’t get rid of most of the furniture. Long story…the sleeper sofa came in through the window…

Anyway, What to do?  I began to apply the exercises from the Smart Creative Style Course . The next thing I did was to completely re-design my “desk set.”  Which actually meant I opted not to use a desk set at all. I now use crystal glasses for pencil holders, vintage martini glasses to catch the small stuff and in a moment of brilliance I decided to use a large mercury vase to stash my TV remotes! I nestled it all on to a pretty mirrored tray. That was my starting point. I added  vintage opera glasses that belonged to my grandmother,  a useful  jewelry catch all and a sparkly vintage giraffe to make me smile.


There was a lot of drama and web input (which I appreciated!) about the right shade of pink which is not “pink” per se. It is Benjamin Moore’s Sunlit Coral. I found the gold dots through a DIY I saw on Pinterest and bought them from Walls Need Love.  I have a lot of left over confetti dots. I showed QUITE A BIT of restraint, thank you very much! I have collected quite a few vintage painted trays from garage sales and added them as a mix of “old” on the walls. I also wanted some black to ground the pink.



What do you think? Are you brave enough to truly embrace your own styLe? Have you ever wondered what your style truly is? Next week I am giving a step by step look at how I finally found my personal  and creative style and how it is translating into  all areas of my life. I can’t wait to show you!

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  • Heather Boissonneau

    I love it!!! What a gorgeous room! It really is you. I love the gold confetti, what a creative idea! I’m glad you kept the dogs to accessorize it ;-) So beautiful!

  • Heather Boissonneau

    I love it!!! What a gorgeous room! It really is you. I love the gold confetti, what a creative idea! I’m glad you kept the dogs to accessorize it ;-) So beautiful!

  • Laurie Nelson

    Very fun! Love the old with the new!

  • Meghan Irene

    Such a pretty, pretty room. Fresh out of Monica Lee’s diary of lovely things!! GREAT job! <3

  • http://artfullycarin.com/ Carin Cullen

    Excellent Monica! It’s so funny because the first time I saw you post a video from another room in your house, I realised the office (as was) didn’t reflect you, but being a slow decorator myself, who prefers to let my my home evolve over a long time, I didn’t think much of it…until you yourself mentioned it a while back. It’s so fun seeing this room really reflecting you now. And I love it!

    • http://www.smartcreativewomen.com/ Monica Lee

      Thank you for saying that Carin! You have a good eye since I have not done too many videos in other parts of my house!!

  • Agnieszka

    I can’t wait to see another post! It is not my style, but this room definitely has its own personality and that is awesome!

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