A Giveaway, A Survey and A Gift!

edited 4/10 Congratulations Melinda Peterson for winning the giveaway! And thank you all for taking my survey!

Lots to do and tell you today! As you may have seen my card was in the March Olive Box, the feature was watercolor.  YAY! Did you know that I teach Watercolor 101 here?

Now I get to give away the March Box to one of you! It has the fabulous book by Samantha Hahn in it! Remember when I interviewed her?? She does SUCH fabulous work and this book is visual eye candy. Wouldn’t that be a nice goodie to arrive in the mail? I also thought that the winner might want to pick out a print from my new Etsy Shop!! I just added this floral yesterday! Just comment below to enter to win! You have until next Wedensday at 12pm EST to enter!

I do have a BIT of a favor to ask you!

monicashop  You know that I am a girl that is always plotting a good business model and as you may have heard in my own story, that I had initially intended to bring on sponsors for the  show. After all, I figured if someone supported me and my endeavors that they were really supporting you and your endeavors.

I have thought  through different versions of this and I think it would make sense if we (all of us :)) could land a year long sponsor. Now that Smart Creative Women has expanded to a podcast version, I thought it might be time to try to bring a sponsor on board.

I do know that the first thing they will ask is,  “What are your demographics?”

Um. Well. Even though I feel like I know you all, I don’t have stats that tell me your age, where you live and how much you earn well, because it just seems a bit impolite to ask! For heaven’s sake, I’d feel more comfortable asking your bra size! But I am putting on my business hat and asking you in a survey. I just figured if you know what my long term goals are from the survey, you wouldn’t mind filling it out. After all, I have had some of you all email encouraging words to keep  Smart Creative Women going. Getting a fabulous supportive sponsor in place would enable me to do that. So bra size, eye color, chocolate preference and allcan you answer a few questions for me? There are only 12 so it is quick!!

 Be sure and click through them all and hit submit survey at the end! Thank you so so much!

Your age?

Where do you live?

What is your household income?

How long have you been following Smart Creative Women? (And thank you very much for following!)

What is your creative outlet and if it is a business, do you do it full time?

How often do you visit SCW?

Have you ever visited the website of something or someone you saw on SCW?

Would you consider supporting a sponsor of Smart Creative Women?

If you are a business owner what are biggest challenges?

How many interviews do you listen to a month?

Would you ever take an online course during the summer months?

What are your favorite types of interviews?



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  • Jessie Miller

    Love your new watercolor prints, Monica! They feel very clean and fresh. This contest was a very kind gesture to your subscribers, can’t wait for the next interview!

  • http://www.Ewesquilting.com Carole Kayros Henell

    Keep up the good work! I am always inspired by your interviews!

    • http://www.smartcreativewomen.com/ Monica Lee

      Well, thank you Carole!!

  • drawingsarah

    Wonderful Giveaway! Loving the new watercolor prints, too! :)

  • http://artfullycarin.com/ Carin Cullen

    I’m so happy to see you on Etsy Monica! I have my eye on a couple of things. I took the survey too.

  • Nikki Butler

    Fun stuff! Thank you for sharing!

  • HarlemLoveBirds

    Easy survey and giveaway looks fab! Happy to help =)

  • Heather A. Stillufsen

    I answered the survey – forgot to put my name! love your etsy shop, too! it looks beautiful!!! xo – heather a. stillufsen

  • Michelle Schneider

    such a fun giveaway! hope i win. :)

  • http://kik.carbonmade.com/ rebekah kik

    Congratulations Monica! The Olive Box is stunning. As always you are an inspiration to everyone who wants to be earning a living on their creative wits… I still hear my father echoing as I entered art school…”You gonna sell those paintings in the park?” Well Dad… maybe! But I’m definitely selling them online :)

    • http://www.smartcreativewomen.com/ Monica Lee

      That’s funny Dad’s voice echoing can be a good thing or a bad thing, haha!

  • Lisa Long

    Filled out the survey! I love your website!

  • Jenn

    Such an inspiration…Thank you for all the valuable advice!

  • Kelly E.

    Completed the survey! Thank you for the chance to win … a perfect giveaway for spring!

  • Heather S

    What a fabulous giveaway! I love it! :)

  • Kiffanie Stahle

    Filled it out. Always happy to support such an amazing and inspiring woman!

  • http://www.rubyandsass.com/ Megan

    Took the survey. Glad to help! I love your videos and your Etsy Shop :)

  • Susan Norwood

    Thank you, Monica, for all you do! Your interviews inspire me! Your prints are beautiful!

  • http://www.ladypoppinsart.com Heatherlee Iverson Chan

    I took the survey! I hope you get some helpful info. I love coming to your site. Your giveaway would be a real treat to win!!

  • Nicole

    Survey done! Thanks for all you give your viewers/readers! I love your heart, Monica.

  • Michele Starzec-Ducharme

    Did the survey-easy peasy, lemon-squeezy! I’m loving your shop Monica, and have loved SCW for a long time, too!

  • Pattie Jansen

    The Olive Box is the cutest thing ever! And it just got cuter with the addition of your adorable card, Monica! Also, pleased as punch about your Etsy shop. Makes me want to wear cute shoes and drink champagne. Thanks for sharing your joy and colors with us all ;-)

    • http://www.smartcreativewomen.com/ Monica Lee

      Pattie! The box IS cute AND I think we should all wear pink shows and drink champagne!

  • Katherine Tillstrom

    Fantastic Olive Box! I see you are adding fabulous prints to you’re Etsy shop and they look great! Thanks for being such an inspiration to us:D

  • Ian Walker

    Nice olive box

  • Sue Grilli

    So excited to see all of your accomplishments here! Congrats!

  • Melissa AuClair

    Fun survey Monica- and it sounds like you might be offering a summer ecourse of some kind? That would be lovely- I’ve missed your Smart Creative Styling course the past two times but a summer course would be an ideal time. Hope you get some concrete info on your interviews. I’m so glad you are looking for different ways to monetize the podcast, blog, and interviews.

  • Jen

    Yay! I love the give-away! Thank you for your positive guidance and generosity in sharing your experiences. I hope someday to give back too (once I become wildly successful with my online business). Your clarity coaching was super helpful and has given me a lot to think about!

    • http://www.smartcreativewomen.com/ Monica Lee

      Woot! Giving back can start on all sorts of small ways-like this nice comment, thank you very much!

  • evelyn haupt

    Monica your efforts to help other creative women make a living are so appreciated. I feel like every interview is a goldmine! Hopefully one day I get to thank you in person :)

  • Melinda Peterson

    Over the short time I have been following you I have been charmed by your laugh, impressed by your knowledge, encouraged by your bright and cheerful attitude and inspired by what you are doing to unite creative women. As one who came to the creative scene late, I couldn’t appreciate this fountain of creative wisdom more! THANK YOU!

    • http://www.smartcreativewomen.com/ Monica Lee

      Wow! I am blushing…I am so happy you are getting something out of it! No such thing as coming on late to the scene-you are just at the right time to bring your own wisdom to it!

  • http://power-broker-media.com/ Toni V. Martin

    Great giveaway! Excited about the box AND your fab new sponsors!

  • http://www.rayecage.com/ Raye Cage

    Thank you for the opportunity to participate in such a fabulous giveaway Monica! Congratulations on having your notecard featured in the March Olive Box.

  • Gabriella Buckingham

    congratulations Monica :) – both on being featured in Olive Box and opening your gorgeous looking shop! x Gabs

  • http://www.ronniewalter.com/ Ronnie Walter

    A giveaway? Of all that cute stuff? Seriously–I’m in! Love your enthusiasm, girlfriend–completely contagious!

  • Jacky R.

    Congrats Monica on the Olive Box, your Etsy shop, and your new studio space. I’m also trying to set up my studio in the attic and have just gotten done priming everything. Now I’ve got to paint it all…. remind me to cover my hair next time since I got primer in my hair. Looking forward to seeing your progress.

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