A day in the life of Paris food

As I don my apron for a cooking marathon this holiday, I thought I would take you on a day in the life of Paris food.  This might help you as you stand in line at the grocery store picking up just one more ingredient. I am hoping these photos I took from my trip to Paris will get me (and maybe you) in the right mindset before  roasting and nibbling. I have always been a bit in love with the color intensity of good produce and delicious food.

 The day starts off with a perfect cappuccino!

parisfood1.5  Then to the market! These oranges are to DIE for!  I feel like I am in a Sargent painting!

parisfood3 And the berries, oh my! Maybe I should paint these?

parisfood5  I might have to pass on the moldy cheese that is always on display and get the Petit Camebert instead!

parisfood6 Must lust over bread…

parisfood7.5  Now I’m starving, I need to stop for lunch! Simple and elegant…

parisfood4 Of course I have room for macaroons! Hmmm, maybe there’s room for hot chocolate too!


parisfood2  Checking out more street markets makes me just want to have someone serve me for dinner, after all there are so many fabulous choices…

parisfood9  Should I cozy up inside? It is so sumptuous, I have to get the shot.

pariscafe  But it is a gorgeous day so I think I’ll  join cafe life and dine outside! People watching is one of my favorite pastimes!

pariscafe2 Time to unwind as the sun sets! Fortunately, the French understand a view like this deserves Champagne!


parisfood10  Happy Holidays! Feel free to pin these pictures or use them as inspiration for a bit of eating and painting yourself!

I hope you remember why we celebrate Christmas every year, it seems that with all the hustle and bustle, celebrating the birth of Christ sometimes get pushed quietly to the background. This season, I overheard 3 different people ask what Christmas was really all about. Let makes sure we enjoy all Christmas has to offer! The good news is we can take a moment and look in our hearts and take joy that Jesus was born. Emmanuel,  God with us!


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