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Michelle Kohanzo gets to manage the creative and fun, Land of Nod!


Today’s episode is brought to you by the I was thrilled to talk to Michelle Kohanzo who is the managing director of The Land of Nod. This company just brings out the best in everybody. How can a company bring out the best in someone? I think by being quirky, original, tapping into your Read more…


Amy Butler on growth and shifting her business Part 2


Here is the continuation of my conversation with Amy Butler.  In this very candid chat, she discusses the tough financial decisions that she and her husband have had to make in the last year. She says that when they looked at all aspects of their business that, “The more honest we were, the more empowered we were.” THAT Read more…


Getting to know Amy Butler’s spirit as she talks about Blossom Magazine and her business, Part 1


Amy Butler is back! What I realized is that when Amy and I get together we talk!!! She has so much heartfelt insight on herself and the direction of her business, that I made this interview 2 parts. I was surprised and impressed by Amy’s candor in this interview. Surprised that she is so completely transparent Read more…


Should do’s and should have dones…we really just need you to shine


I needed to bring a little Saturday morning beauty into the world.  Here is a  painting I created a couple months ago, that seemed fitting on this rainy day. Feel free to pin it. I have a day of painting planned today, the painting that I did not get done yesterday. I sit at my Read more…


Painter Janet Hill elegant, glamourous and talented


Just look at this art! Love it! Omigoodness, it is so me! I couldn’t decide what to show you! I have been a fan of Janet Hill’s for some time now. To me she is an example of what you CAN do-create what you want to create and find and audience for it. She has Read more…


The Makerie, a creative retreat and brain child of Ali DeJohn


Meet Ali DeJohn, the brains and organizer behind two retreats for your creative spirit. In this interview she talks about how she took her little spark of an idea and made into a roaring fire! Ali has a heart for the creative process and a heart for women. She has put that heart of hers Read more…


Alma Loveland, Designer, Illustrator Guru and Pie Maker


Meet the spunky and fun, Alma Loveland! She has three different aspects to her smart creative business! *She works along side her husband in their graphic design studios, Ollibird. (Hmm, how do they do that? Who exactly takes the lead? How do they divide duties? How do they not take work home?) *She is designs apps Read more…


Jenny Doh talks business, books and how Art Saves


Meet Jenny Doh, according to her teenage son, she is crazy about art! Ah, teenagers. But if you have ever picked up a craft magazine or craft book, it probably has had Jenny’s fingerprints on it! I am sure you have read at least one  of the many books she has authored or as she calls it, Read more…


Maria Brophy shares tips on finding an art sponsor and a secret tool she uses to make contacts!


Oh, tune in to this one!! This one opened my mind to the possibility of sponsorships..Maria Brophy really applies this idea in a way I had not thought of and it could really help you too! Maria also shares a  secret tool that she uses before she reaches out to potential sponsors and contacts. This was really interesting. Read more…


Today’s Top Stationery Artist 2 by Tori Higa


I wanted to review a fun book for  all you stationery lovers out there! It is by Tori Higa and it is her second book feature the art and business of Today’s Top Stationery Artist’s. It is published by Schiffer Publishing. What I really like about the book is that she feature the business owners themselves in the Read more…


What to do when you are in “the meantime”


Today I am sharing my thoughts with you about “the meantime.”   I know it sounds like I am saying “Maine time” in the video….I have such a hard time taping myself alone, argh! You should see how much editing I leave on the table (and a bit I left in at the end…) The Read more…


Mary Beth Cryan engineers a creative career


How fun is this? Mary Beth Cryan always has something unique up her sleeve. As an illustrator, paper engineer and product developer her creativity operates in overdrive. I remember standing in a funky shop in downtown Providence looking at a crazy math clock and I hear Marybeth say, “I designed that!” It turns out there is a Read more…


Writing tips for bloggers, engaging your online audience


Today’s art and article are from guest blogger and artist Carrie Schmitt. Thank you for contributing, Carrie! By Carrie Schmitt You have a beautiful blog to share your unique voice with the world.  Now, how do you keep your readers captivated with all the information out there just a click away? One way is to Read more…

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