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Brenda Pinnick brings color to the party!


Omigoodness! Artist and colorist Brenda Pinnick is a bundle of fun energy. You may not need a cup of coffee to watch this interview! She had me laughing before we even began.  I don’t think I have ever seen anyone embrace color and all it’s nuances like she does. Brenda is such a firecracker! Her background of Read more…


Corinna Bucholz designer, archivist on how sets herself apart


 Corinna Bucholz is a designer of collaged ephemera (look I spelled it right!) I thought this interview was so interesting. She is the designer for Piddix who began selling digital downloads on etsy back when only a few people had even thought of doing it. This led her on quite the journey in marketing and selling her work. Read more…


What You Need to Know from Maria Brophy, Red Flag Clients

Maria Brophy is back today with some tips on how to spot a client who just might not be the best client for you. We couldn’t quite decide how to name this video…”Warning Signs of Bad Clients”  but it seemed kind of negative, ha-ha! You know what we mean though, right? These are the clients that Read more…


Dr. Elisabeth Crim on listening to yourself and finding the right flow for your life


Today’s guest is Dr. Elisabeth Crim. Dr. Elisabeth Crim has served in the mental health field 25 years both providing treatment and as an energizing and engaging speaker to issues of mental health, psychotherapy, spirituality and development.  Dr. Crim is a psychodynamic psychotherapist specializing with adults, couples, and adolescents.  Historically she treated children, adolescents, and Read more…


Fine artist Kim Morin Weineck on seeing beauty everywhere


I met Kim Morin Weineck a few years ago and fell in love with her art! When I met her she was single, owned a darling art supply and gift store where she also taught classes. Fast forward a few years and she is married and 2 adorable little girls! Where did the time go!? Read more…


Get Your Squeak on!

cat and mice_monicalee

Today’s Post is by Myleen Obando You’re an artist. Everyone who has seen your work exclaims how talented you are and how much they love it! You have a fabulous website, blog, established all sorts of social media profiles. But now here comes the kicker… no one in the industry knows who you are. What?! Read more…

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Maria Brophy on What You Need To Know

I am so happy to have Maria Brophy back on the show! Maria has agreed to come on to do shorter “What You Need to Know” interviews where we address a specific topic each segment! Hooray! Today she talks about contracts and what you need to include when you are crafting one. She offers such Read more…


From a manufacturers perspective with Susan January from Leanin’ Tree


It was so great to interview the sharp and sassy Susan January from Leanin’ Tree . Leanin’ Tree is a large national greeting card company that produces a LOT of product (1, 500 to 1, 800 new skews a year!) and Susan is a decision maker! You need to hear from her and get her perspective. I Read more…


From an agents perspective, Suzanne Cruise tells you what she really thinks!

VH0683_12C3 Snowman

This is a meaty one, peeps! Suzanne Cruise is an art agent who was once an artist herself. Twenty-two years as an art agent has given her quite bit of insight and she delivers it in this interview. She talks about why her attitude often differs from other agents, and it may just surprise you. She Read more…


Pretty Please, A Smart Creative Women Survey


You know a whole bunch (probably too much!) about me but I don’t know enough about you! Let me get to know you a bit better! If you would take a minute and answer a few questions for me, I would be oh-so-grateful


Encouragement at a Glance

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Rachael Taylor, talent and innovation all in one!


Have you met Rachael Taylor yet? She is a girl you need to get to know and get inspired by! She is talented, she is innovative and she is taking no prisoners! Rachael is darling (what a sweet voice) and uber creative. Here is the deal, you HAVE to listen to the very end to hear Read more…


Reviving back burner projects, a good thing?


I have been buried deep in technology for several months now and this past weekend it hit me! I need to create something, NOW! So I went out bought some new paints, Dr. Martin Dyes. Hello, why haven’t I been using these all along? Love them! I even revived a mood board for a project Read more…


Tara Gentile on breaking up with the notion of just one passion


Tara Gentile is the “Official Ambassador of the You Economy.” Don’t you just love that tag line? She is chock full on information and is passionate about passing that information on to you.  I read about Tara’s story of going from a 20k salary to a 200k salary and I wanted to know how she Read more…

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