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How does Stash Books’s Roxanne Cerda acquire authors?

stash1 copy

I love full circle moments. I feel like meeting Roxanne Cerda was one of those moments. I was at a conference, waiting in line and was introduced to Roxanne by Betz White who I met on the van from the airport. (See how this works?) Now I am so happy to introduce you to Roxanne. Read more…


Janine Vangool editor and creator of Uppercase Magazine


I love it when someone makes a meaty project out of their obsession, oh, I mean passion! Janine Vangool, editor and founder of the very hip Uppercase Magazine, is an example of someone making an entire life built around her bliss. Now that is inspiring! In this interview she shares how she got started in publishing, or Read more…


Want to Rock Your Etsy Shop?


 Etsy has become synonymous with overwhelm in some crafter’s minds.  This is for good reason, since there are now over 850,000 sellers from every inch of the planet. How the heck do you compete with that?! It is actually easier than you think. For one, stop focusing on ALL the competition and instead zero in Read more…

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Amy Anderson on community and Blog Brunch


Have you ever been to a twitter party? Have you ever been to a twitter brunch? Amy Anderson is just one of the brains behind Blog Brunch. Blog Brunch is a hands on effort to reach out and build a community for fellow bloggers, a must read if you have any audience online. I love what these Read more…


Laura Gaskill from Lolalina on freelance writing, blogging and motherhood


This interview came out a bit dark (sorry!) but I just had to hop in my car and drive over to Laura’s cute house to do an interview with her. Laura blogs over at Lolalina and we met at an event in Boston when Holly Becker came to town. (I just love a small world!) Laura lives Read more…


Erin Hiemstra from Apartment 34 on business, branding and content marketing


I met Erin Hiemstra when I took one of her classes on social media and branding.  Boy, was I impressed! Erin is a lifestyle blogger, or as she calls it, a content marketer. I love her gumption; she went from working full time at a PR firm to a full time blogger. Erin has her Read more…


Get Techy with Nathalie Lussier


I am so thrilled to bring you Nathalie Lussier! She will make all your website/tech problems disappear! Well, most of them anyway. When I signed up for her newsletter, I found nirvana! She is someone who simplifies websites, tech organizing, plug ins-plug outs…ok, not plug outs but you know what I mean!! You MUST listen Read more…


Managing your life with clarity and a rotary!


I am so excited to be sharing this video with you today! It’s my “Rotary Method”, a great way to help you sort through your priorities. I increasingly see women take on too many roles, too many projects, too many responsibilities and still try to find time for themselves. It happens, I get it, sometimes I Read more…


Love your body and yourself with Amber Krzys from bodyheart


Today I am bringing  you someone  who I connected with online, Amber Krzys. I loved her message as soon as I went to her website, bodyheart. Amber’s mission is to help women stop being at war with their bodies. I think women should stop being at war with themselves in any form of negative self talk. Read more…


How to find shows that ROCK!


  I asked Jenna Herbut to guest post today. I thought her article was a perfect fit for the call to action that I mentioned in this article when I said Be Your Own Solution. When I first started Booty Beltz (check out one of my very first articles!) my goal was to wholesale to as many stores Read more…

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Stephanie Ryan, sweet small steps that turn into one huge leap!

Rose Garden

Welcome to the beautiful world of Stephanie Ryan! I have absolutely loved Stephanie’s work and aesthetic since the moment I met her. Her painting technique is uniquely her own and she works in one of my favorite mediums, watercolor!  Stephanie’s story of resilience, a long term illness, is truly an inspiration. She shares how she took up watercolor while she was sick Read more…


Penelope Dullaghan artist, mom and creator of Illustration Friday


I met Penelope Dullaghan years ago when I participated in one of her first online drawing experiments. Years and thousands of entries later that experiment turned into Illustration Friday. It has grown into an international phenomenon!  What I like about Penelope’s story is how she tenaciously responded to reviews of her portfolio and translated that Read more…


Smart Creative Business Episode 3, Secrets of SEO


Tom is back and this time we are tackling the mysterious and often aggravating world of Search Engine Optimization. Yuck! I even hate that phrase but it is an essential marketing tool whether you want to admit it or not. You invest effort in yourself and your web presence so people will  find you, right? Tom says, “In the Read more…



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Kelly Rae Roberts Part 2, abundance and the mental shift necessary to achieve it.


Part 2 of my interview with artist, Kelly Rae Roberts. She discusses how  she took a chance on art licensing that paid off. This one get’s personal as I share what I got out of Kelly Rae’s Taking Flight e-course several years ago.  We  laugh about the emotions that come along with motherhood.  Listen to Kelly’s Read more…

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