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Kelly Rae Roberts Part 1 on Art, Motherhood and Being in Love


My interview with Kelly Rae Roberts was some serious girlfriend fun. She is the type of girl you hung out with on the swing set and shared half your candy bar with as a kid!  She is as warm as her art and brand suggests and that is no easy fete in an online world. We dish Read more…


Fine art photographer Julie Waterhouse’s journey from corporate job to dream job


Today’s interview covers terrific topics! Julie Waterhouse discusses the spark that led her to leave her day job and take on self employment as a fine art photographer. She also talks about the plan (Yes! She had a plan!) that she put in place to make that dream happen. She refers to it as “stepping Read more…


Tara Reed gets candid about art and business


Tara Reed is a licensed artist and art business guru. She dishes the details from her pretty garden (in preparation for an upcoming wedding) in this interview! Listen in on this candid conversation to hear the ins and outs of Tara’s business and how she got started educating others on her site Art Licensing Info. It is Read more…


What I really think about art licensing (and any business in general)


  As you have seen on Smart Creative Women, I have quite a few artists that have licensed their art on products. If you know anything about me, you may know that I have licensed some of my illustrations on products as well. You may have heard me mention in my interviews that I think Read more…


Tom Time 2, marketing advice for your business and puppy selling


It’s time to talk marketing again! If we don’t keep bringing it up, you may just keep putting it off. I speak from experience.  In today’s episode, Tom breaks down the term marketing and we discuss how much time you should spend on marketing your business. We also talk about the mental shift that needs to Read more…


Alyce Currier from Wistia does a video about video


Today I am sharing an interview that might be a good resource for your business. As you may or may not know I don’t upload my videos to You Tube or Vimeo. I have an account with Wistia that gives me complete control and ownership of all my content. Using Wistia enables me to adjust Read more…

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Jessica Swift moves and grooves


Jessica Swift is an all around terrific personality!! You will completely warm up to her, I know I did! In this interview she talks about how and why she has diversified her art income. From e courses, art licensing, to manufacturing. Jessica is tireless and brave when it comes to putting herself out there! (BTW, I just love, love, Read more…


Remarkable You

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Liesl Gibson + 3 businesses = dynamo!


What fun! Today’s interview is with Liesl Gibson. You may have heard on at least one of her companies! She is a talented and gifted pattern  and fabric designer (she teaches online as well!) who started out designing patterns for wee ones with Oliver and S. After rave reviews, (her patterns have a cult like Read more…


Letter to tech companies everywhere and where value really lies

Dear Technology Companies and New Tech Business Models, Can you do me a favor? Please stop the upgrades, the tweaking, the new interfaces? I get that you are tech geeks and that you feel the need to implement new, new, new all the time. I get that you are a lean start up with maybe Read more…

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Flora Bowley on painting, being in business and being brave


Flora Bowley is just lovely! She is  an interesting, passionate painter and a successful business women. I love the mix! Flora has been painting  or “doing the work”  for years and has recently exploded onto the internet scene through her teaching and workshop offerings. She has taught popular classes at Squam Art Workshops and she now even Read more…


Marketing advice from a guy I like to call Mr. Marketing, Tom Henell (PS I love this guy!)


Special treat! Special treat! It’s my handsome husband, Tom Henell, being grilled by me! I have mentioned in several interviews that my husband has a background in marketing, truthfully, he has a background in common sense! Haha! This is short and sweet, taped from our vacation spot on Newfound Lake in NH. He gives insight Read more…


Sara Urquhart and Alt’s new look!


I wanted to do a replay for you if you haven’t watched this interview you will like it! You all know I am a big fan of Alt Summit. They are in the middle of a big “tab dah”  with their website (next week) and they asked lil’ ole me to help out a bit Read more…

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