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Tamar Schechner from Nest Pretty Things talks styling, etsy and marketing


Oh man, oh man! I am so excited to bring this interview with Tamar from Nest Pretty Things! I have been a a HUGE fan of Tamar’s jewelry for several years.  She is so talented! She really digs in during this interview and talks how she got started, how she sources one of a kind Read more…


The secret to getting fit (finally) and staying fit


(I asked my friend and personal trainer, Mike Landry, to contribute an article to the blog. The subject matter came up after I asked him why gym was so busy right after the 1st of January and then empty by the 1st of Feb. Mike always tells it like it is…) So there you are, Read more…


Jeweler Karyn Shonk talks about being an apprentice, being ready and in the right spot at the right time!


Karyn Shonk is a jeweler with an industrial eye.  She mixes grit and glamour in a way that I just LOVE! In this interview she talks about her very interesting past and about her search for the right creative path. She talks about how she “studied” the art of fine jewelry by finding the perfect mentor as well Read more…


Listener Friday: A look at Kate Pitner


Today’s feature is Kate Pitner from Kate Pitner Designs! She creates licensable art that is ready and easy for a manufacturer to work with. These are very nice layouts, don’t you think?  She creates art in every category and she believes in “creating happy one brush stroke at a time!”  P.S. Her blog is a fun read!


Abby Kerr on your brand, your voice and your irresistibility factor!


This is Abby Kerr , she is a brand editor. She teaches you how to rule your realm by finding your “irresistible niche” with your “right people” in your “right market place.”  Abby helps entrepreneurs up their “addictability factor.” She helps business owners craft words for themselves, their websites and their social media outlets that are crystal clear versions of their true selves. Read more…


Sarah Jane Wright from Sarah Jane Studios shares insight into her art and her brand


OOOH! I am just so excited to share this interview with you! I have been impressed with Sarah Jane Wright from Sarah Jane Studios since the minute I ran across her art. You will simply love her, her brand and all her products. I know I do. She does so much creatively (fabric design, book Read more…


Inspired Rug-Hooking with Deanne Fitzpatrick


I received the nicest surprise in the mail yesterday. It could not have come at a better time. I have inadvertently clicked a couple on items behind the scenes on my website and lost all sort so good things-i.e. most of the content! This is why Listener Friday is being posted on a Saturday. Deanne Fitzpatrick Read more…

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Claudine Hellmuth, artist, crafter, and quite sassy on TV!


This is a great talk with artist and crafter Claudine Hellmuth. She has her fingers in some really interesting pies! She authors craft books, creates original art, teaches workshops and now she has a stint selling her kits on the Home Shopping Network  What?! I know, how cool is that? She explains the whole process! I Read more…


Talking to Sara Urquhart, an Alt Design Summit founder about passions and knowing what you do best!

Alt Design Summit 2012 - Friday

Meet Sara Urquhart, she is one of the brains behind the successful lifestyle and design blogging conference Alt Design Summit. The conference site says “If you’re obsessed with lifestyle, food and fashion blogs, fantastic images, smart ideas and great design inside and outside — all wrapped up with a social media bow — Altitude Design Read more…


Advice to your 25 year old self


I grabbed Oprah’s magazine off the newsstand this month and got caught up in the article where she asked herself and other prominent women what advice they would give to their younger selves. I was particularly struck by  EPA administrators Lisa P. Jackson’s advice to her 25 year old self, she said “Cherish women. Lift them up and empower them. Not all women Read more…


Life is Messy (but fun!) with Mayi Carles


Mayi Carles is an energetic ball of fire! I couldn’t get enough of her energy and life and her cute Panamanian accent. She bucked the traditions in her own culture and has really made her own path. She is a BIG dreamer and big planner. She believes you need to plan for success and she is here to help you! Read more…


Listener Friday: April Heather Art


Welcome to Listener Friday! Todays post features Heather from April Heather Art. Heather lives outside of Philadelphia.  You can you can see her art and her journey on her website! Enjoy! If you are interested in being a part of Listener Friday, send 2 to 3 jpgs, a link to you online and let us know where you Read more…


David Siteman Garland Rises to the Top!


What? It’s a guy?! Not just any guy, though. It is the fun and bright cutie, David Siteman Garland from the web show The Rise to The Top. I stalked David online for sometime and then got brave and emailed him directly and even though he has a HUGE audience (hello, can we say 100,000 Read more…


Say Yes to Hoboken and Yes to Liz Stanley blogger, business woman and mom!


Meet Liz Stanley from the blog Say Yes to Hoboken. What started out as a hobby for her has turned into a full time business. We love that! She also blogs at Babble, Momtastic and Apartment Therapy. She shares oh-so stylish tips and tutorials for mothers like herself. In this interview she shares how she Read more…


Some fun news at Smart Creative Women


You might notice something a bit different about the website today. I have added a blog! I am just getting the feel for how everything is going at Smart Creative Women. Getting the interviews up and going was my first priority and I am in the process of finding that rhythm. I realized that I Read more…

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