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Amy Butler, Artist, Designer and Smart Creative Business Woman!


It’s Amy Butler, as charming and sweet as ever!  I was just so thrilled to interview her! She is a creative business powerhouse with products that range from sewing patterns, fabric, yarn, wallpaper to luggage! Her designs can even grace your electronic devices! You can see hear her talk about her thoughtful approach to branding Read more…


Melanie Falick: her start, her imprint and her advice


Melanie Falick is the editorial director of STC Craft, which is an imprint of the book publisher Stewart, Tabori & Chang (STC), which is a division of Abrams Books. If you love crafts, knitting or quilting you should listen to this. If you want to  author a book about crafts, you should listen to this. Read more…


Cori Dantini talks etsy success and licensing

always thoughtful 5 copy

Part 1 Today’s interviews is with one of my all time favorite people, Cori Dantini. She is absolutely hilarious. You will see in this interview that she is a Smart Creative Woman. She runs a super busy etsy shop, successfully exhibits her art at art fairs and now is having her art licensed on products. I Read more…


Alice Kennedy In-House designer for Timeless Treasures


Today I am talking with Alice Kennedy, a busy mom with a busy creative career. She was thrilled that both her little boys napped through the interview! The phrase, “I don’t know how she does it!” fits Alice to a T! I like how she is able to be creative even with distractions swirling around Read more…


A bit of a shindig!


I have to interrupt videos and show you this really quickly!  I was so excited to receive these on my doorstep last night! Well, these and a whole lot more! Timeless Treasures and Dear Stella sent me bundles of fabric as door prizes for the party Saturday! How awesome is that!? They are all so pretty, I Read more…

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Patricia Zapata talks about her unique style of paper crafting


Hi! Today’s interviews is with Patricia Zapata from A Little Hut. One of the things that I thought was interesting was that even though she had a graphic arts background she wanted to “stand out.” She asked herself, “What is missing in the market?”  She certainly answered that! She has been blogging and sharing tutorials over on her Read more…


Pins and Needles shop owner Rachel Low talks about her journey as a start up


Here is my conversation with Rachel Low, she is such a dear and has a great story to pass along. Love me through the transitions of having a rough Skype connection! AND I know I need to look into the camera, yikes! Rachel had great things to say about her journey, how she had learned Read more…


BJ Lantz gives insight into the licensing industry


Hey, this girl knows her stuff!  BJ Lantz is a seasoned veteran in this “hot” industry. Artists are scrambling to learn the reality about getting their art on product and in this conversation she dishes on the nitty gritty. This is a “state of the industry” candid conversation that some may find a bit controversial. She Read more…

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