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Almost there! A few interviews have been conducted….


I am just editing the video and getting some images and bio shots of the guests. I just have to tell you how excited I am since these  interviews are already everything I had hoped. These women are opening up and dishin’ the dirt! I have decided that women do want to help women. They Read more…


Working away…


Hi! It’s Monica for Smart Creative Women! I would like to say hello and tell you that I have over 30 guests lined up for interviews! Yikes, can you believe it? The mailing list continues to grow and we have not even posted our first interview yet! It is so exciting! Here is what is Read more…




What’s with all the shoes? Well, I associate cute shoes with women, and since this a women’s website, we may occasionally enjoy a pretty pair of shoes. During the years that I spent traveling, one thing that I noticed across many cultures is that women don’t hesitate to compliment another women’s shoes. “Love your shoes!” Read more…


Slow Art

Recently I spent some time with two very talented artist and designers. As we talked about business opportunities I noticed a theme was repeating itself, it was something that I had heard my other creative friends talk about TIME as in not enough of it, fleeting and frustrating. What they feel like they are missing Read more…


What are you passionate about?

This was a blog post from my husband Tom Henell as part of the Care feeding of a Dream Series. I thought I would add Yokoo’s video. Clearly she is passionate about the act of working and creating. If you haven’t had the opportunity yet, you must check out  Monica’s Smart Creative Dreaming.  I know my opinion is biased, Read more…

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Understanding your audience, how to think like a shopper


I wanted to write some thoughts down about understanding your audience. If you are a small business (creative or not) it is really important to think about who your audience is or who your  specific customer is, right?  The funny thing is as a creative person we have so many people that are our audience, Read more…

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