I have interviewed Lisa Daria Kennedy once before, quite a while back and since that time we have become good friends. Lucky me! I wanted to bring her on this series so you could tune in as we talk about the-meaning-behind-art-creation. Sound deep? Well, it sort of is but this is the type of conversation we have when we get together.  Lisa has terrific insight, is a terrific teacher and has been holding my hand a bit as I leap into new territory, you can hear more about that here. Lisa helped me think about writing an artists statement and has help me let go of things that were holding me back. She is a fabulous, deep and FUN artist and mentor. If you get the chance to take a workshop from her, DO IT! She has a gift for teaching! She also has a gift for art. If you get a chance to own some of her work, DO IT!

Fainting Party Series


Too Polite To Ask Series


Lisa’s Daily Paintings 



I decided to wrap up this Artists and Mentors Series with a note from me. In this episode, I talk about what I am up to and why I needed an online break and what evolved as a result. This is a good episode to listen to if you are feeling a bit fatigued with the internet (the election might have been the final nail), if you ever needed to stop something you were invested in and if you think you may need some help with where you are headed. I am sharing what the last couple of months have looked like for me and the motivation behind some of my new paintings AND how using my own coaching from Smart Creative Style ended up helping me find some visual rhythm. (The coach got coached!) If you are interested in coaching feel to contact me! monica (at)

inspire_enigmatic_monicalee_900 monicalee_peonypink





I am so excited to welcome back Danielle Krysa from The Jealous Curator. Danielle has recently released her third book  titled Your Inner Critic is a Big Jerk. This is such a terrific read, I just had to have her back on for the Artists and Mentor Series.

Her own podcast, Art For Your Ear, has kept me painting when I could otherwise be drifting off into the kitchen in procrastination. Danielle is funny, smart, vulnerable and a talented artist herself. I adore her collage art (check out the screenshot below from her Instagram feed). Tune in as we talk about producing art while trying to wrestle, make friends with and stamp out that critical voice that we all have.

 Here is the art of Martha Rich. It is just so fun and we need this as a poster in our studios!


Here is a peek at #daniellekrysaart on Instagram @thejealouscurator, you simply have to go read the titles and commentary on Danielle’s art-hilarious and smart! You can tune into my other interview with Danielle here.



I have been researching more contemporary artists lately.  I think what I love about a contemporary “living” artist is that somewhere online you get the snippets of their thought process.  I just finished listening to this piece on Cecily Brown and thought you might like to hear her discuss her art and process. Her art is evocative which is why I like tuning in to hear what she has to say about their own work. I think she is fascinating!

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I found this shot on her instagram @dellyrose  I love how it gives you a glimpse into the scale of her work! Rock Star, anyone?




Today I’d like you to meet Jason Horejs. Jason is the owner of Xanadu Gallery in Scottsdale, AZ and he is also the author of the Red Dot Blog. I have really  gotten immersed in his blog and in the mentorship that he offers to fine artists. As the son of an artist Jason  grew up attending art show and hanging out in art galleries (his first job at 14 was at an art gallery!) so he has been exposed to both sides of the equation. He understands art collectors and artists. I think that is rare and even valuable! I have found him, his blog and even the followers of his blog (read the comments!) to be a terrific resource. Jason has a heart for helping artists meet their goals and has set up so many ways to help them via his blog, books, his online gallery and mentorship. Tune in to this episode of the Artists and Mentors Series, I think you will like it, I sneak a couple of questions I am facing right now into the interview. 🙂